Common Questions

Common Answers to queries.  Ask us if you have any additional queries.


We currently don’t support adding on the application to your website unless it is maintained and hosted by Practice Tech Solutions.

You need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider (typically the domain registrar, although in some cases you will need to do via your webhost or cPanel) to point the subdomain directly at the personalized page on our servers.

Lets say you picked up your personalized site as smilesdental.myforms.vip and your website is at smilesdental.com

For this example myforms.smilesdental.com, you would create the following CNAME Record in your Domain’s DNS Settings:

Host: myforms.smilesdental.com

Target: smilesdental.myforms.vip

Absolutely – complimentary for customers who take the annual plan. For monthly or pay per use customers, we charge $50 to do this for you. We will need to be provided admin delegate access to manage your domains DNS settings.


Invitation is anytime a request is created to be sent out to a Patient. This could be for filling up forms online or sending patient balance notification/ statement using text message or email. Any system based reminders for that instance are not counted for billing purposes.

We are continously working to find Financial Institutions who offer the most cost effective way to accept payments online. Those charges are what you can typically expect to pay for accepting online payments. Depending on the type of card, it varies and the payment you receive will be net of the transaction fee. We currently use Stripe for accepting online payments and their fee schedule applies.

Our platform is only a facilitator. You will be contracting directly with the vendor like Paypal, Stripe or TSYS (with whom we integrate for online payments). They will setup your account including your banking information so payments will arrive directly in your bank account.